Case Study and feedback after Auditory Integration Training (AIT) for a 4.5 year old girl with speech delay and sound sensitivity following a seizure in early months of life.

Case Study, Axxx, 2022


Female, born May 2017, began speaking a few words at 14 months and walking at 18 months At this point she had an unexplained seizure and was put into an induced coma for 24 hours as the seizure wouldn't stop. 

Following the seizure speech ceased initially and doctors also advised she might may never be able to walk again. Mother made initial contact with The Sound Learning Centre in September 2020 and a year later made a second contact in October 2021. Mother reported auditory processing concerns with her daughter who had severely delayed expressive language with slightly better receptive language and who was disturbed by loud noises e.g. held her ears when a siren sounded. She had delayed play skills, issues with balance, and an under developed vestibular system illustrated by her slow movement on stairs.


Ten days of Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) during October 2021. This involved listening through headphones to intentionally altered music via an Audiokinetron, for 30 minute sessions, twice a day, for a period of ten days.

Although Axxx found some of her sessions challenging, she was able to complete the full therapy course and by the end of the ten days her mother already reported some positive changes in her performance.

At the conclusion of the therapy Axxx was showing increased awareness and better concentration. She started pronouncing sounds clearer and was better able to tolerate sounds that previously disturbed her. She was also reported to be generally much happier.

 Later Feedback

In early November 2021 we were advised that:

Axxxhas had so many gains’ and was ‘doing so well since AIT’.

Mother also wrote: ‘I remain astonished at how tolerant she has become of noise!

 In December 2021 we received the following email:

Hi all, Hope you're well! My apologies for the delay in writing this review, which has now been posted on google and Facebook... Words simply cannot do justice to the work this team are doing. 

 Background: I came across this clinic a few years ago and enquired about their services. Whilst I wanted to try their services I could not afford to do so at the time; something I later regretted. 

 Before: I later enquired again about auditory integration therapy (AIT) as my child had started nursery and was constantly holding her ears and having a meltdown due to sensory overload from the noise; sadly her nursery at the time were anti-sen so were using it as an excuse to drive her out. As any SEN parent will understand, I was desperate to help my child so I contacted the clinic again about AIT therapy and questioned how a non verbal 4.5yrs SEN child with very little understanding could wear headphone for 30mins at a time as I really couldn’t imagine my child doing that. The clinic reassured me that she would and that during the ten day intensive programme she will get used to it; they were right. 

 During: The actual therapy consists of two 30mins therapeutic listening sessions 3hrs apart. I have to admit, I was incredibly apprehensive about whether it would work or not but I was later left astounded by the results. It is important to prepare the child and yourself mentally for how emotionally, mentally and physically draining it is - it truly is intensive for the child and the carer. 

 After: The AIT therapy is the one therapy of numerous ones we have tried that has delivered results instantly and continues to. Amongst the results we saw a huge decline in her holding her ears, more tolerance of noise, clearer pronunciation, better attention, improved focus & concentration, more awareness, more words… the list goes on daily. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner and lost precious intervention time in doing so! I wanted to write this review after some time so I could do the team justice for the work that they do. We will be back for light therapy and your neuro-developmental programme. A heart-felt thank you to all your team for the amazing work you are doing, for making us feel so welcome and for giving us hope in what is this never ending SEN battle. Sent from my iPhone

 At the end of April 2022 we received further email feedback from Mother that said:

 There were so many wow moments for Axxx over Easter that I thought it maybe better to email them in so you can share it with your team:

 1. When accessing her trampoline, Axxx looked at me and said the word, "jump."

 2. The other day I noticed she's now able to climb her pikler with a book in her hand. (She was afraid of her pikler a few weeks ago) but happily sits at the top whilst looking at a book.

 3. When breaking our fast we sit on mats on the floor. One day, she walked over from her table and sat next to me on a mat on the floor. She has continuously followed through this imitation when we break our fast everyday. 

 4. I caught Axxx walking up the stairs backwards the other day; doctors said she may never be able to walk again after her seizure.

 5. The other day I caught her using adult cutlery to feed herself my soup using an adult spoon. She managed it without spilling too!

 6. We were in Costa and Axxx wanted my toastie, before I could say the word sign, she did the food sign straight away! 

 7. Lastly, Axxx was a child who would have a meltdown when she heard a hand dryer. We stopped at services on the way to her grandparents in Sxxx for a toilet break. I washed her hands then went to wash mine. As I turned around there she was, drying her hands under the hand dryer without a flinch; absolutely priceless moment. 


This is Axxx following me around Sainsburys without engaging in any kind of escape behaviour. (An image was supplied that is not shown for reasons of confidentiality.)

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 Used anonymously, with permission.