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A Sensory Training Course For Parents, Teachers and Professionals

Our SenseAbility Course - Information Sheet describes in more detail our intensive one day training course and why it was developed. The course is especially suited for parents, teachers and professionals who want to understand more about how the behaviours, difficulties or under-performance they see may be related to sensory processing difficulties or anomalies, how these can cause educational difficulties and have a wide impact upon an individual's behaviour, sociability and performance. 

Regrettably, problems caused by sensory difficulties are often not recognised or they are misunderstood, yet the right help can make significant differences to social, behavioural or academic performance.  

The course covers:

  • how the senses develop
  • how the sensory systems affect performance
  • what to look for
  • what can be done to help sensory problems and improve performance. 

The knowledge gained can be used at home or the movement and sensory training can be built into the curriculum at school. 

The course comes with extensive documentation.

We also offer an expanded Sensory Development Programme (SDP) – 3 Day Professional Course.

Please enquire about potential dates for both the 1 and 3 Day courses which can be offered at our Centre, Online or at your premises by arrangement.

Feedback and Comments from participants of our SenseAbility Training Courses

  • “An action packed day”
  • “So thought provoking and a real eye-opener”
  • “This puts so many things I was sensing through my instinct into place”
  • “I can’t wait to get home and discover my child”
  • “This is only the beginning”
  • “Thanks so much, you were superb!”
  • “I am loving this so far.” 
  • “You have blown my mind away.” 
  • “You're so very knowledgeable about this stuff.” 
  • “This is so useful.”
  • “I really want to implement this.”
  • “Thank you so much, this has been a Masterclass!” 
  • “Thanks so much, you were superb!”
  • “Spread, spread, spread, information about this work”

If you know of friends or colleagues who you think may be interested, please feel free to forward our information on to them.

Therapists and Practitioner Training Courses

For those wanting to move into one-to-one therapeutic work with children or to integrate sensory training into their existing work, The Sound Learning Centre offer suitably qualified individuals Practitioner Training for Auditory Integration Training (AIT) and also Lightwave Stimulation (LWS). Both training courses are of 5 days duration and delivered by Pauline Allen, Founder and Principal of The Sound Learning Centre. Pauline founded the Centre in 1994, working with sound and light therapies to help children and adults with learning and sensory difficulties. She is a founder member of the ILA, a dyslexia specialist, neurodevelopmentalist and an experienced trainer.

Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

Pre-eminent sound therapy that works with underlying sensory issues associated with auditory processing difficulties, and frequently implicated in issues with speech, language and learning.  Sound therapy can often help with social, emotional, behavioural and academic performance.

Lightwave Stimulation (LWS)

Well-established light therapy to help address light processing deficiencies which often seem to correlate with various learning, behavioural, reading and social difficulties. By re-balancing the autonomic nervous system, it can have profound positive effects on physical and emotional well-being.

Our next courses will be held online using Zoom on the following dates:

Auditory Integration Training (AIT) Practitioner Training Course (5 days).

Course Dates available: Dates to be advised (5 days) Contact us if you have preferred dates in mind.

Lightwave Stimulation (LWS) Practitioner Training Course (5 days).

Course Dates available: Dates to be advised (5 days) Contact us if you have preferred dates in mind.

Online Courses will commence 'live' each day at 9am - 1pm with trainees able to continue their course work during the afternoon.

  • All courses will provide detailed theoretical and practical training
  • Participants will receive a comprehensive Course Manual prior to course commencement.

We intend to run our Online Practitioner Training Courses regularly, so for those who prefer a date later in the year, do let us know.

For detailed information about these courses, please Contact us by telephone or email.

Feedback and Comments from participants of our AIT and LWS courses

  • "Brilliant. It's been very informative and improving. The journey begins here!"
  • "Amazing standard of information. Felt very supported and suitably challenged throughout the course. I have a great grounding and look forward to using this knowledge further."
  • "Thanks very much.  We learned a lot from you and the information was very valuable."
  • "Very good.  Many insights gained from the vast experience of staff.  A very thorough in-depth course."
  • "Thank you, Pauline and Phil, for a wonderful course and the level of professional delivery."

If you know of friends or colleagues who you think may be interested to train in any of our Courses, please feel free to forward our information on to them.

For more detailed information about any of these courses, please Contact us by telephone or email.

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